First steps and stitches

Toadstoolbox started unofficially somewhere in early nineties. There was no actual production, but bunch of prototypes were in the streets on those days. Products like hand painted and printed t-shirts, some hooded sweaters and pants. We made very large jeans and other trousers from different materials, as it was in the early nineties fashion.

Back in the future 2012

What has changed when time passed by? Nothing really, some refinement maybe, like now most of the stuff comes out from factory. There will be also some smaller series of hand made/printed/painted items.

About our Products

Our T-Shirts are made in Finland. Also fabrics are made in Finland in compliance with the Öko-Tex 100 –standard. So you can enjoy comfortable feel of your smooth t-shirt with awareness of its origin.

Please note that colors of the T-shirts may not be exactly same as the images viewed on the website.

Taking care

Read the washing instruction from the tag. Don’t forget to shape when wet, cotton does shrink when washed. Follow the given washing temperature. Wash inside out. Do not iron the decoration.

How-to-buy [ International customer ]?

First pick the color and size of your t-shirt If you need help with choosing the right size, read the sizing info. If You’re still not sure feel free to email us, we are here to help You!

After this, email Your order to us with complete contact information and we’ll get back to You with our delivery and payment details.

We are more than happy to deliver internationally. In this case, the delivery cost varies and the price is determined case by case basis. Please email us first so we can calculate the cost. (Shipping cost in Finland for T-shirt/s is € 3,90 regardless of the number of T-shirts ordered.)